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metalhilde's Journal

Hilde Schbeiker [OU]
20 July
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Character: Hilde Schbeiker
Series/Fandom: Gundam Wing
Original or Alternate: Original

Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Sexuality: Unexplored/Asexual

Appearance: At just 5'3" she constantly laments her shortness. However, she compensates with her short, spiky purple-black hair, fairly unmarred body, and moderately pale skintone. With her thin eyebrows, pert nose, and stubborn chin, she exudes an aura of confident humor. Her blue eyes, though not as dark as Heero Yuy's, are not quite as brightly colored as Duo Maxwell's. She can usually be seen in a t-shirt and baggy blue jeans, although during winter she has been seen wearing dark jackets constantly with long-sleeved shirts. During cold weather, she also prefers to wear beanies, but during warmer months Hilde does wear a normal ballcap. White ankle socks and black no-tie shoes are her standard footwear of choice.

Personality: Spunky, sometimes tactless, she's got the military training but not the mindset. Hilde likes odd hats, cats, and friends. Recently she has taken to wearing hats all the time, except when in a private setting, such as her room, where no one can see her. She has a penchant for odd and sometimes rather perverse humor, and occasionally doesn't know when it's appropriate to be serious or joke around. She has few friends, and fights to hell and back to keep them, allowing them amazing closeness emotionally, but has trouble with physical intimacy, thus making her rather anxious when it comes to sexual relationships.

Abilities/Strengths: An amazing metal-worker, she prefers art to machinery, though she just enjoys "joywelding" of any sort; she's a fair hand with mechanics, though her real strength lies in the area of problem solving, getting parts to work together in ways no one has thought of before. Hilde's pretty good with mobile suits, but really doesn't care for them as weapons of war - she hates seeing them destroyed, though, because she enjoys the aesthetic value inherent in them. She has a basic military training, as she was drafted for the war in her world, but doesn't really excel at it, nor enjoy it. Though not interested in weight-training, she does have better-than-average upper body strength, which comes from years of work in a metal shop and scrapyard.

Weaknesses: She doesn't have a clue when it comes to relationships - Hilde just plain doesn't understand sexual attraction. This makes for moments when, despite crude humor, she may not actually get a reference someone else makes, or even be able to tell when a person is flirting with her. It's all just interaction to her, and until love comes up and whacks her in the head with a two-by-four, she's destined to be a friend but not a lover. She also has strong opinions, which, along with her occasional lack of tact, can cause her to be oblivious to discomfort among listeners.

History: As a child, Hilde was always a loner. She didn't make close friends, and was more liable to frown than smile. When she was eight, she made her first friend, her best friend - and lost her when she was thirteen, after years of closeness which allowed Hilde to blossom into a more sociable girl, though she's still, to this day, thought of as slightly odd by those who come into contact with her. The loss of her friend was devastating; she went into depression, and when the call came for her to go through war-training at age fourteen, she just saw it as a way to quickly find that long peaceful rest she needed.

However, during the war, she met with a young man named Duo Maxwell, who, while she was interrogating him, asked questions that challenged her belief in not just her side of the war, but her conviction that dying was the best option after her friend's untimely death. The boy later escaped, and she left with him. At her old home, she provided him with a safe haven, a distraction until he was called back to war. Later on, she decided she could no longer sit on the sidelines, and helped the kid she now considered her new best and only friend by sneaking into a space-battleship called Libra and stealing important documents his side needed. On the way back, she was injured badly, but thought the pain was worth it in the end.

After the war, she returned to her old stomping grounds, and kept in touch with her friend. One year later, another, shorter war came and went, without her participation, although she did worry about Maxwell during the time he fought in it. Soon after, he disappeared, and it became harder and harder to cope with a lonely, friendless world, until one day, she woke up somewhere else....

Housing: Ast-Deka

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